In Episode 4 of Creativity Talks, Fred Kiernan talks with theatre makers and academics Alyson Campbell and Stephen Farrier about their long-standing project Feral Queer Camp.

In part 1, Steve talks about his understanding of the Feral Queer Camp.

In part 2, Alyson elaborates on the idea of feral and how it links to notions of privilege and access to knowledge, as well as its importance for the queer community, especially attendees at Feral Queer Camp.

Image: Monica Higgins (Green Peas for Breakfast)

In part 3, Steve talks about Feral Queer Camp’s historical context and the importance of knowledge sharing for communities facing oppression.

Image: Sarah Vickery

In part 4, Alyson discusses the differences between the Feral Queer Camp’s iterations in Melbourne at the Midsumma Festival in Belfast at the Outburst Queer Arts Festival.

Image: Sarah Vickery

In the final part of this episode, Alyson and Steve speak about why performance is particularly effective at building a sense of community between people.