Creative Ageing Research Group @ University of Newcastle

Presented by Helen English, Frini Karayarnidis and Michelle Kelly

In this video we present our current research projects and reflect on an online pilot music intervention that was completed in 2020 and led by Cassie Danckert, our jointly supervised PHD student. This was a pilot for a larger project planned for 2021 which aims to examine whether engaging in creative activities improves self-reported mood and quality of life as well as producing measurable changes in brain and cognition. The project draws on a well-established group song-writing intervention (Baker, 2015) to work with older adults living independently within aged care-facilities. The project also aims to establish if there is a dose-response of engagement in the intervention and whether the benefits of the song-writing workshops are short-lived or protracted.

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The research team:

Helen English, Frini Karayarnidis, Michelle Kelly, Cassie Danckert

The University of Newcastle


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Photograph by Chris Fuller